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Installation guidelines for 19mm Pro Kit

Tools Needed:
12mm Socket Wrench
17mm Socket Wrench
22mm Socket Wrench
Torque Wrench
Oil Drain Pan
Gasket Scraper - we recommend a carpet razor blade
Additional Tools Suggested:
8mm x 1.25 Tap
4" angle grinder
Bastard File
600 grit sand paper
15" flat sanding bar
Supplies Needed:
Shop Towels
Grease & Oil removing solvent aka - brake cleaner
2.5 quarts GL4 Gear Lube (approximate) - Napa sells STA-LUBE in GL4 85W90, and can order Liqui Moly GL4 #20012 from various place on the internet.

Read these instructions in thier entirety before proceeding. Unscrew the pan plug and drain your current lube into an Oil Drain Pan.
Install 1

Remove the 12 M8 bolts and pull off the current pan. As you can see this one had a lot of Silicon sealer.
Install 2

The 17mm bolt in the upper left is the lube fill hole. It is always a good idea to check to make sure you can get this loose as the very first step
Install 3

We always wondered why this transmission had a perpetual slow leak. When the old cover was removed, there were several small dents in the aluminum case with material displaced up on the gasket surface. These needed to be removed to get a flat sealing surface. A bastard file was gently used to remove these "burrs".
Install 4

On this transmission the machined gasket surface was slightly depressed to the casting surface. This casting surface was cleaned up with a 4" angle grinder to make clearance for the new Tuff Pan.
Install 5

A better view of the "relieved" surface. Also seen here is the cleaned gasket surface and clean threaded holes. Brake cleaner was used on the gasket surface and the M8 holes were hand chased with an M8 x 1.25 tap. There was a lot of gasket sealer stuck in the threads which needs to come out. Take this time to hand drive a M8 stud 12mm end to full depth in each transmission hole. The gasket surface was lightly touched with 600 grit sand paper wrapped around a flat bar. Everything was again cleaned spotless with brake cleaner and a shop towel. Test the Tuff Pan against the Transmission surface to make sure it seats completely flat.
Install 6

The 40mm studs in the 19mm Pro Kit have Pro Seal applied to the first 3 threads of the 12mm threaded end. This end gets installed into the transmission case.
Install 7

M8 Stud installed to full depth.
Install 8

All 12 M8 Studs fully installed. Once again test fit the Tuff Pan.
Install 9

Apply a liberal amount of Loctite 518 in a pattern like shown. Its quite thick.
Install 10

Place the Tuff Pan over the studs and hand press fully against the Transmission. Install the washers and flange nuts. Torque to 8Nm. Clean up your pan plug and install with a new fiber washer. Refill the transmission to the proper level with GL4 Gear Lube.
Install 11