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Mike M.'s #847 F/BMMP Mighty Max is running 450hp at the wheels and holds
the Land Speed record at Bonneville for his class at almost 160mph.
Mike has a 19mm TuffPans Pro kit on the R5M21 in this truck.
19mm Tuff Pan
Oldie (Rad) has a 19mm TuffPans Pro Kit on his KM132 "down under".
We shipped a few kits to Australia to suit up several of his friends.
Oldie's Starion boosts to 431 ft/lbs torque at the wheels.
19mm Tuff Pan

4D55 Performance has a FM145 19mm TuffPans Pro Kit on his 1985 Pickup.
Why a FM145 kit in a Mitusubishi? Cause he is running a FM145 FORD
transmission coupled to an Atlas II Transfercase behind a custom 2.3l H.O.
Mitsubishi Turbo Diesel. A this is a TORQUE monster!
19mm Tuff Pan

This is what started the road to develope TuffPans, our 1988 Dodge Raider.
Equipped with a stock 2.6l and KM145 manual 5 speed, it ate a transmission
with 150k miles on the clock. $1200 later we decided to go the extra mile and make
it as strong as possible. This truck now has a 19mm Pro Kit bolted in place.
Why a 19mm? The naturally asperated 2.6l is being replaced with an
MPI Turbo Starion engine that should pump over 300 ft/lbs torque.
19mm Tuff Pan