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TP_OWNER_USER: Just installed one of the HD alloy pans on my 300+ WHP 2.3 DOHC Starion. It is a top class product and a perfect fit. Very Happy. Thanks 4 producing this mod!
TP_OWNER_USER: I have just finished my first (track) event with the pan installed and it helped keep my trans together despite many people saying that something will break with 325 HP ATW AND 585NM torque=431 ft pounds torque on a conservative Mainline dyno = 360 +hp atw on a Dyno Dynamics dyno. Those figures represent app 3 times the original HP & torque of the original motor
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TP_OWNER_USER: Fast shipping, nice part.
COMMENTER: This will help the KM145 guys a lot because it will help limit the flex of the housing under torque which is the main killer of the 145.
COMMENTER: Anybody driving a KM-145 equipped vehicle should get one of these.
COMMENTER: The less that a case flexes the better aligned the gears and the bearings stay.