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Special light weight components for road bikes including: Frames, Forks, Wheels, Handlebars, Water Bottle Cages, Seats, Seat Posts. Carbon Fiber 3K finish. Strong, light weight & tested. All stocked in USA.

Why Buy From HANSPEED?

Short answer: Because our products are good and our prices are REALLY good!

Comprehensive answer: Almost all bicycle carbon frames these days are manufactured by a group of companies in either China or Taiwan. The companies we source from are OEM (original equipment manufacturers) for several well-known high-end bike brands. We buy the same high-end frames & carbon-composite products from these factories, just without the famous brands or paint-job.

Well-known brands charge a premium for their products for several reasons. The first is because of the high cost of advertising and sponsorship their products. Secondly, manufacturing monocoque carbon fiber frames is very labor intensive, and therefore costly. The third reason is that retailers also make a big cut from the price that is sold. By buying from us, you bypass all the cost mentioned above. This result in you getting high-end carbon frame sets and accessories that is the same as those sold by well-known brands, but at a much less expensive price! The frames sold by us have gone through strict quality-control testing, and have passed tests for durability and strength.

Additional Options

HANSPEED Bicycle Company
Model RS838
Frame Weight 1140 grams (54.5cm)
BB30 or BSA Bottom Bracket
This "open mold" frame is used by several famous companies and is the base of the 2011 Super Bike of the Year.
The monocoque construction is from Toray (Japan) Carbon Fiber using T700 and High Modulus M60 materials. Featuring a 2 year warranty for manufacturing defects and carry full EN14781 (Racing bicyles - Safety requirements and test methods) certification.

Size Chart

HANSPEED RS838 Frame & Fork


Typical Assembled view. 15 pounds, 2 ounces. Untrimmed / Not Fit. No pedals or seat. Non weight weenie components, no titanium. Use "CONTACT" form for details. More photos HERE.



HANSPEED 50mm 3k ULTRA Carbon 700C Clincher Wheel Sets
Powerway R36 Carbon Hubs
Pillar Aero Straight Pull Spokes
Full 3k Toray Carbon Rims
EN14781 Tested and Certified
Stocked in USA.



HANSPEED 50mm Carbon Clinchers 1450 grams per pair

Hanspeed Buddha Wing 3K Carbon Fiber Ergo Handlebar
Hanspeed Buddha Zen 3K Carbon Fiber Seat Post
Hanspeed Buddha Quench 3K Carbon Fiber Water Bottle Cages

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