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We have tried several on-line fit calculators with varied result. The best we have found so far is here: FIT
Here are some results:
Measurements in INCHES ------------------------------------------- Inseam: 32.56 Trunk: 22.75 Forearm: 13.19 Arm: 25.15 Thigh: 23.27 Lower Leg: 24.19 Sternal Notch: 55.25 Total Body Height: 66.50 The Competitive Fit (cm) ------------------------------------------- Seat tube range c-c: 53.6 - 54.1 Seat tube range c-t: 55.2 - 55.7 Top tube length: 54.9 - 55.3 Stem Length: 10.6 - 11.2 BB-Saddle Position: 84.2 - 86.2 Saddle-Handlebar: 50.2 - 50.8 Saddle Setback: 1.7 - 2.1
The RS838 is a "compact" frame so the Seat Tube Range c-c & c-t results do no apply. The most important result is the Top Tube Length (effective). This customer selected the 54.5CM frame
If you have any questions on your results, feel free to contact us.


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